One Lava, One Heart. Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright.

My friends and I have developed a habit.  Call it a “before and after” habit — as the Wheel of Fortune category name so defines a “before and after phrase.”  Examples include:

A Hole In One Way Ticket
Adam’s Apple of My Eye

You get the point.  A combination of two phrases.  And we say them during conversations, emails, texts; or use them in fantasy sports names in nonsensical fashion.  One of my favorites of all time was Apollo Creedence Clearwater Revival.  My first team name with such a moniker was the Little League World Series of Poker, which has since been retired.  And I am long overdue in changing my current fantasy team’s name from 52 Shades of Ray.  (Which I admittedly stole from my future brother-in-law.)

When the powers-that-be around Baltimore decided to add “Thurgood Marshall” to what was simply BWI Airport, I sprouted the name of George Thurgood Marshall Tucker Band BWI Airport.  It’s a fun exercise to do with friends (who already know you’re a weirdo) during social gatherings.


I say all of that because there’s another example of this that I use some of the time when ending a phone conversation with my better half.

Last summer, we took our girls to see the Pixar movie Inside Out.  During the previews, a short animated music video was shown, about a lovesick volcano who pleaded with the earth to send him someone to “lava.”

Earlier this year, several members of my family and I went to see the play/musical Marley, which opened nationwide at Center Stage.  I’m a huge fan of his music, but I guess I never really knew how much time he spent, and how much music he actually recorded, while in London.  Away from his family.  At the end of telephone conversations with his wife, Rita, they would always say “One love” instead of “I love you.”

Somehow, my better half and I ended up combining the volcano’s desire for “lava” with the Bob Marley song–and telephone ending–“One love” into: “One Lava.”

Henceforth, the title we have above; and the “it means something to us” phrase that she and I jokingly say to each other when occasionally ending a telephone conversation.

Speaking of getting together and feeling alright:



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