The Day the Bloods and the Crypts Joined Forces

Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.  The men’s final is tomorrow morning at 9am…which the U.S. networks have dubbed “breakfast at Wimbledon” for decades. 99% of you won’t watch it and don’t care.  I do because I’m a tennis dork; and it will give me 2+ hours of good couch time on a Sunday … More The Day the Bloods and the Crypts Joined Forces

I Know You Rider

Time is fleeting.  That is no secret.  We only get one go around on this crazy orb that rotates around the sun.  Some folks will make the case that because we only get one go around, we should live a life of stability, safety, and comfort. The other side of that coin is…we only get … More I Know You Rider

An Ode

I was at a 6 year old’s birthday party this weekend.  As 15 children screamed, made crafts, got all hopped up on cake, and generally wrecked the place, I took refuge in my buddy’s basement.  Which also happened to have a bar.  And a TV. And as guy conversation tends to do, especially when talking about … More An Ode