A Convenient Blip

A blip on the radar.  That’s all this is going to be for most everyone.

Except for the families, friends, and anyone else associated with the five people who died today at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Just put yourself in one of those shoes of the family, friends, or…maybe the people who are dead right now…no…just dip your pinky toe into their shoes and you will find yourself in a place that you don’t ever want to be.

The photos of the alleged shooter look cold and calculating.

The stories online from CNN and other news outlets are merely bulletins.  What’s even more frightening is that the bullet points all talked about whether or not there were radicalization ties.  It’s like when something bad like this happens, we immediately want to connect it to radical Islam and ISIS.  And if it’s not apparent, we try to make it fit.  His name sounds Islamic.  There must be something.

I’m not going to pull punches. What’s happening around the globe right now…with us and Russia…with Trump and his nominees…

If you can’t see a global sea change coming than you’re either a Rube or you just don’t care that much. Most folks who support what’s going on now…and give us a call if you want us to define “what’s going on now” (410-979-8333)…you either don’t have kids or are being loyal to the old guard in their families.  I can see it.


We are going to get what we voted for.  That’s change.  And change gets a LOT of people upset.  But change is also good….That’s why companies hire bigwigs from the outside to come in and shake things up.  That’s what the American people and Electoral College voted for….and things are going to get shaken up.What has transpired based on the transition team and cabinet, our country is headed in a destructive direction.  Hiring someone to run housing who not only has no housing experience but has also railed against public housing is not a good decision for people who need housing.  Hiring someone who has sued the EPA… to RUN the EPA is a not a good decision for the environment.

And our Secretary of State is an oil exec who cares little for the evironment and has business dealings in Russia.

I’m not reading into this.  This isn’t spin.  This is realityl. I’m basing this on the facts, the cabinet posts, and what I call common sense.

I am posing it to everyone I know:  Does this sound like a good plan to you?

Educated people make logical, practical, scientific cases to argue their point.  They don’t say things like “I make a lot of money and everyone loves what I have to say, and I have a lot of friends and we are going to blow them up or build a wall….”

Would you trust your own friends if they made a case based on those merits?  If you ran a small business and someone came to you and said, “I can help your business…Listen to me because those other guys are losers and I’ll teach them a lesson…”  Is that who you would vote for when it came time to elect someone who had to negotiate credibly on your behalf?”

We know you are patriotic and love our country, your wives, and your children.

We get that you don’t want “big government to take away your hard earned money.”  But let’s be honest…90% of people reading this are in the top 10% so you have the luxury (as do I) of yapping about first world problems.  Come on!  You’re reading this in your huge house with an ice maker and a cleaning lady and at least a 2-3 car garage. You worked your ass off to get to this point….No one is knocking how hard you worked…you have given your family more than they could have wanted….you’re the best…..but……

When you defend a perspective that favors bigotry, f8ing up the environment for the sake of business, aka. Screwing Your kids and your grandkids over….I’m going to question you.  I will still always love you. But I think your priorities are f8ed.

And when it comes to guns…

When are we going to finally admit to ourselves that better identification of mental health issues is not going to solve this? The Fort Lauderdale shooter was a military guy who, by the way, did more than I did, and went to fight…or at least put on a uniform. And after he got out had issues. He was examined, and questioned. He voluntarily checked himself in to a facility. (Help me, he said.).  And still this happened.  Two guns.  Put through security.

Being conditioned to this type of behavior is extremely concerning to me.  It’s horrific.

We don’t know what the answer is.  But my gut tells me the answser’s not “let’s defend guns and make sure we don’t limit access for those who want them.”

It’s just a sad day.  It’s a day that we never want to imagine.  A day that we all have to unfortunately say pales in comparison to Orlando.  Or fill-in-the-blank to the last mass shootings.

Thank God it was only 5 people.  Is that what we have to say now?  Thank God it was only 5?  God help us as we grow.  God help us the day we come across politicians who voted against the gun laws after Sandy Hook.  When we fathom the thought if that was us …we don’t know how the families do it.

Get yourselves together…you’re a mess, America.

We are context kids.  EVERYTHING needs context.  And wecan’t find another example (please text or send it to me if you find another example of such hatred and explicit Nazi examples of support for a previous United States of America President-Elect) of a more scary rhetoric than this:

If you can explain, in a realistic, logical, productive way how this is good for society, your children, the United States of America’s citizens, and improvement in global society, then please contact us and let’s have a conversation.

Because we’re not seeing it.

Kindness and connectivity starts right here.

Let’s do great things for each other.

Love, Katie and Mags





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