You Better Bring Your “A” Game

I am watching the scene where the main actors of the original (and the ONLY one I will acknowledge) Point Break movie skydive.  For real.

Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves and friends actually skydive in that movie and are filmed doing so.

Tom Cruise actually gets tied to an airplane taking off in the latest Mission Impossible.

While I’m crazy for Swayze, I’m not the biggest Tom Cruise fan.  But you can’t deny the bad-assness of that clip.


I say this because I added to my “father of the year” nomination and watched with my girls…sporadically (in between paintings of miniature tea sets and ‘make your own quilt’ escapades) Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom.

I never planned to have Temple of Doom watched by my offspring at such a young age…but PG movies back in the day would be R rated movies now.  So I was going on the PG rating.

Apart from the scene where the evil guy in Temple of Doom ripped the guy’s heart out (eyes were covered), it wasn’t that much worse than Raiders of the Lost Ark.

And near the end of Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones is on a rope bridge, about 100 feet above a river littered with crocs. He is flanked on both sides by sword-wielding maniacs.

And his allies: “Willie” Scott (aka. Kate Capshaw…Spielberg’s future wife) and Short Round (aka. a small, orphaned Asian kid about 12 years old) are also on the bridge.  Indiana Jones basically tells them, “I’m going to cut the bridge in half with my sword and you should grab ‘hold of something so you don’t fall to your death.”

That’s the thing about Indiana Jones.  If you hang out with him…or go on an adventure of ANY sort with him, you better be giving 110% at all times.

Because you may happen to find yourself in situations where the BEST POSSIBLE OPTION is cutting a rope bridge in half, 100 feet above a croc-infested river, with a cult leader who likes to pull people’s hearts out on your half of the bridge.

Now to be fair, Indiana Jones doesn’t make a habit of surrounding himself with sissies.  Karen Allen, aka. Marion Ravenwood from Raiders, can drink 99% of humans under the table and ran a bar in Nepal.  Oh, and survived the deathly ghosts of the Ark of the Covenant.  She’s pretty bad ass.

Now, Kate Capshaw (who allegedly was written into the plot of Temple because of her impending relationship with Spielberg), is a whiny, horrendous turd.  And Dr. Jones would never normally associate with her.  But he got stuck with her and made the best out of a crappy situation.

But back to Indy demanding the best from you.  Doesn’t that exemplify the “play hard, party hard” mentality?  This guy flies by the seat of his pants (“I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go along,” was his response to a master plan in Raiders after the Nazies acquired the Ark), and he always delivers.


Even in Temple, which I think is unanimously considered the worst of the Indiana Jones movies (I say that because I don’t acknowledge that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was ever made), he delivers not only the magic rock, but he also delivers the hundreds of child slaves back to the village.  He could have easily escaped with just the rock, but after hearing the screams of the children being whipped in the mines, he couldn’t let that atrocity continue.

There aren’t too many modern day heroes like that.  And if you find yourself hanging out with one, you better grab hold of something.  Because they are going to demand your best.  That’s a small cost for awesomeness.

The payoff is worth it.



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