Quid Pro Quo, Clarice

Ahhh…that Dr. Lecter always did drive a hard bargain. Being the academic sophisticate that the good Doctor was, the screen writer of Silence of the Lambs was probably wise to use “Quid pro quo” as opposed to something a little more juvenile…like, “Hey girl!  I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” It doesn’t have … More Quid Pro Quo, Clarice

A Dying Art

I was sitting with a colleague in sales a few weeks ago, probably over a cup of hot cocoa or tea, and he said this: “You know….no matter how much data we collect; no matter how much we use it to make decisions or have it provide strategic direction; we will always need people to … More A Dying Art

A Convenient Blip

A blip on the radar.  That’s all this is going to be for most everyone. Except for the families, friends, and anyone else associated with the five people who died today at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Just put yourself in one of those shoes of the family, friends, or…maybe the people who are dead right … More A Convenient Blip

A Space Oddity

Planet Earth Is Blue. That was the front page headline of CNN on January 11, 2016 — the morning after David Bowie died.  It is one of the best headlines I’ve ever seen.  Subtly capturing the lasting impression he left on the earth–from music to fashion to performance art–four simple words couldn’t have said it … More A Space Oddity

The Ability To Believe

The world is a funny place.  Sometimes, I can’t write for weeks.  Other times, unforeseen forces simply plop things into my lap and I can’t do anything but write. I can’t tell if I am unusually adept at recognizing when, what seem like disparate ideas or experiences, all come together around the same place and time; or if … More The Ability To Believe