When “doing more with less” is just what the doctor ordered

I’ve been getting up a lot earlier lately.  And by “lately,” I mean the last two days.  Which feels like a lifetime of actually doing something right for a change.  Not being rushed is a game changer for me.  When I extrapolate the non-rushed philosophy onto the rest of my family–and then onto the rest … More When “doing more with less” is just what the doctor ordered

Diversity of Thought: Across Air and Space

What does diversity of thought mean to you? Different perspectives…there is more-than-one-way…variation in approach…a new angle…Hmm, I would have never thought of that. Do you merely tolerate it for the sake of your professional career?  Are you somewhat open to it?  Or do you truly embrace it? A colleague turned me on to a Youtube … More Diversity of Thought: Across Air and Space

Quid Pro Quo, Clarice

Ahhh…that Dr. Lecter always did drive a hard bargain. Being the academic sophisticate that the good Doctor was, the screen writer of Silence of the Lambs was probably wise to use “Quid pro quo” as opposed to something a little more juvenile…like, “Hey girl!  I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” It doesn’t have … More Quid Pro Quo, Clarice

A Dying Art

I was sitting with a colleague in sales a few weeks ago, probably over a cup of hot cocoa or tea, and he said this: “You know….no matter how much data we collect; no matter how much we use it to make decisions or have it provide strategic direction; we will always need people to … More A Dying Art